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CCNE Tutorials

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The Annual CCNE Meeting was hosted by the NSBCC in Manhattan Beach, California October 19-22, 2009.   Tutorials presented at this meeting are now available.


Tutorial Session 4: In Vitro Diagnostic Tools: Multiplexed Assays Based on Nanotechnology

Speaker: Jim Heath, Ph.D., California Institute of Technology

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Jim Heath highlighted in FORBES

Professor Jim Heath, NSBCC Director, has been selected by Forbes Magazine as one of "the powerful innovators of our time."  
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Michael McAlpine Article Highlighted in Nature Chemistry

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Former postdoctoral fellow Michael McAlpine's recent paper in the Journal of the American Chemical Society was highlighted in a writeup in Nature Chemistry.  Mike will begin at Princeton University as an Assistant Professor in September. 
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Luxembourg announced collaboration with NSBCC researchers to accelerate biomedical research

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has announced an ambitious plan to increase the pace of innovation in the areas of molecular biology, systems biology, and personalized medicine.   To achieve this goal, Luxembourg is investing $200M in three collaborations, one of which is headed by NSBCC co-director Leroy Hood. 
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Mark Davis Discusses Early Clinical Trial Results

In a Watson lecture on May 14, Mark Davis, NSBCC investigator and Caltech's Schlinger Professor of Chemical Engineering.  Davis, also a member of the experimental therapeutics program at the City of Hope's Comprehensive Cancer Center, explained how nanoparticle medicines, or nanomedicines, have the potential to change the way cancer is treated.
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NSBCC Mourns Passing of Hamilton Jordan, External Advisory Board Member

Hamilton Jordan, good friend and NSBCC External Advisory Board Member, died in his home of cancer on Tuesday, May 20, 2008.
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Jim Heath Testifies Before Senate

NanoSystems Biology Cancer Center (NSBCC) Director Jim Heath testified April 24 2008, before the Senate Subcommittee on Science, Technology and Innovation, on the need for continued funding for the national Nanotechnology Initiative. 
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NSBCC Investigator Company Initiates Exciting Clinical Trial

Mark Davis, NSBCC Principal Investigator and Warren and Katharine Schlinger Professor of Chemical Engineering at Caltech, has launched a promising phase II clinical trial for patients with ovarian cancer. 
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Human Subjects Use Approval Received for Device Testing

Professor Jim Heath, NSBCC Director and Elizabether W. Gilloon Professor & Professor of Chemistry at the California Institute of Technology and colleagues have received approval to test a device designed to detect proteins in human blood that might signal a variety of diseases, including cancer, from a single finger-prick of blood. 
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Akram Boukai wins MRS Award!

Akram Boukai wins MSR Gold Award!!

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