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UCLA Announces Momentous Award


Owen Witte, MD, NSBCC investigator and director of UCLA's newly renamed Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research, discusses a landmark $20 million donation to support and endow the stem cell institute.  He indicates that this award will allow more flexibility in approach to research, and allow greater advances in science more quickly.  Dr. Witte also expounds on stem cell potential and how the Broad Foundation gift will advance understanding and application of this potential treatment.



Read the entire story!  http://newsroom.ucla.edu/page.asp?RelNum=8208
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HR Tseng and Jim Heath Publications Highlighted

HR Tseng and Jim Heath's publications were highligted recently by medical websites featuring information on new nanotechnology.
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Mark Davis' Featured NCI Article

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Professor Mark Davis' work was featured recently in a National Cancer Institute publication.
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Professor Mark Davis' Senate Testimony

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Mark Davis' Senate testimony from 2-15-06.
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Investigator Mark Davis to Testify Before the Senate

Investigator/Professor Mark Davis to Testify Before the Senate

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Hamilton Jordan and Roy Doumani to Serve as External Advisory Board Members

Roy Doumani and Hamilton Jordan have agreed to serve as members of the Nanosystems Biology Cancer Center (NSBCC) External Advisory Board.
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Nanobiotech News Press Release

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Special report details rapid growth of nanomedicines and diagnostics pipeline.
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Nanotechnology Tools for a Pathologic Analysis of Glioblastoma (Brain Cancer) and Other Cancers

Nanotechnology will allow for more accurate identification and treatment of brain and other cancers.
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New Microchip Technology for Medical Imaging Biomarkers of Disease Developed

A collaboration among scientists at UCLA, the California Institute of Technology, Stanford, Siemens and Fluidigm has developed a new technology using integrated microfluidic chips for simplifying, lowering the cost and diversifying the types of molecules used to image the biology of disease with the medical imaging technology, positron emission tomography (PET).
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