Human Subjects Use Approval Received for Device Testing

Professor Jim Heath, NSBCC Director and Elizabether W. Gilloon Professor & Professor of Chemistry at the California Institute of Technology and colleagues have received approval to test a device designed to detect proteins in human blood that might signal a variety of diseases, including cancer, from a single finger-prick of blood.  The primary purpose of this initial small-scale study is to study the normal variation of a panel of proteins that determine liver function, immune response, and cancer status in healthy individuals, with blood samples being taken twice a day for 14 consecutive days.

Since blood circulates in nearly all tissues, it is rich in proteins, which shows health and disease status.  This research effort is focused on organ-specific proteins circulating in blood.  A measurement of this comprehensive panel of blood proteins has the potential to report the health status of that individual.  Heath's group is  using a highly sensitive protein measurement platform called DEAL (DNA encoded antibody library) to measure blood proteins.  This technology has major implications in healthcare, and our immediate application will focus on potential liver toxicity markers, immune response agents, and cancer markers.  This study will complement our related work with animal models.

This study was approved by the California Institute of Technology's Institutional Review Board on March 21, 2008 for a period of one year.  Caltech's human subjects use assurance number is FWA00003897.  This research is supported by the National Institutes of Heath/National Cancer Institute grant 5U 54 CA119347.



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