Hamilton Jordan and Roy Doumani to Serve as External Advisory Board Members

Roy Doumani and Hamilton Jordan have agreed to serve as members of the Nanosystems Biology Cancer Center (NSBCC) External Advisory Board.

Hamilton Jordan directed Jimmy Carter's presidential campaign and served under President Carter as the youngest chief of staff in presidential history.  He is also a three time cancer survivor and a powerful patient advocate.  Jordan detailed his personal struggles with cancer in the memoir No Such Thing as a Bad Day

Jordan his since been an investor, advisor, and board member of a variety of successful companies and start-ups.   He founded the men's professional tennis tour (ATP Tour) and is co-founder of "Touchdown Jacksonville," which would become the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars. Jordan is a member of the board of visitors of Emory University and is the Founder and Co-Chair of the Georgia Cancer Coalition.  He serves on the board of the Brady Clinic of Johns Hopkins University and is a member the Lance Armstrong Foundation Board of Directors.  Jordan’s best selling book, Crisis, recounts the secret negotiations that eventually led to the release of the American hostages in Iran during the waning days of the Carter administration.  In addition to his success as an author, Jordan is also a sought after motivational speaker.

Jordan lives with his wife, Dorothy (the founder of Camp Sunshine, a nationally recognized camp for children with cancer), and their three children in Atlanta.

Roy Doumani
, a survivor of prostate cancer, is a native of Los Angeles.  He graduated from UCLA with a degree in Business and Finance and received a law degree from the University of Southern California. He is a member of the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) Advisory and Oversight Board. Mr. Doumani holds the position of Professor of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. He also serves as co-chairman of the Zhejiang California NanoSystems Institute (ZCNI) and is chairman of the Business Advisory Board for the governor of Zhejiang Province, China.

Mr. Doumani has been active in the development of industrial, commercial and residential real estate. He also has business interests in Asia and holds an equity position in the first joint venture bank in the PRC, Xiamen International Bank (XIB), at which he serves as Vice Chairman. Mr. Doumani has been involved with numerous financial institutions: he was Founder and Director of First Los Angeles Bank; he was Chairman of First Interstate Bank of Hawaii; he was Director of HonFed Bank; he was Chairman of World Trade Bank in Los Angeles. Mr. Doumani has served as a board member and advisor to companies in the United States, Asia and Europe, including Vice Chairman of CTI (CTMI NASDAQ-listed). In addition to his business interests, Mr. Doumani serves as a member of the advisory boards of both RAND’s Center for Middle East Public Policy and its Center for Asia Pacific Policy. He is a member of the UCLA Board of Governors and serves on the UCLA Foundation’s investment committee. He has established two endowed chairs at UCLA, one in the Department of Bioengineering and one in the Department of Urological Oncology.

Hamilton Jordan and Roy Doumani served together with NSBCC Director Jim Heath and co-directors Leroy Hood and Michael Phelps, on the board of CTI Molecular prior to its acquisition by Siemens in 2005.  Mr. Jordan and Mr. Doumani will provide guidance to the NSBCC in the arena of translating NSBCC technologies to the private sector and in the area of patient outreach and education.
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