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Charles Sawyers, MD

Dr. Charles Sawyers is Professor of Medicine, Molecular Pharmacology and Urology at the University of California Los Angeles and an Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Dr. Sawyers obtained his MD at Johns Hopkins, did his housestaff training in Internal Medicine at University of California San Francisco and completed his hematology-oncology fellowship training at UCLA. Dr. Sawyers’ laboratory is focused on characterizing signal transduction pathway abnormalities in various cancers, including chronic myeloid leukemia, prostate cancer and glioblastoma, with an eye toward translational implications.

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Hamilton Jordan

Hamilton Jordan directed Jimmy Carter's presidential campaign and served under President Carter as the youngest chief of staff in presidential history.  He is also a three time cancer survivor and a powerful patient advocate.  Jordan detailed his personal struggles with cancer in the memoir No Such Thing as a Bad Day
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